Best Android Phones of January 2017 - Best Android phones you can buy

Looking for a new smartphone? There are dozens upon dozens of great options on the market today, but finding the best of the best can be a bit difficult. We’ve seen some great launches through the year and more should be coming soon too, so let’s take a look at the best Android smartphones you can buy as of January 2017. This article was published on  9to5google.

Huawei Mate 9 (US Release)

As expected, Huawei launched the Mate 9 in the US market at CES 2017 for the pretty reasonable price of $599. Packed inside of its gorgeous aluminum design, the Mate 9 has Huawei’s in-house Kirin 960 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a dual-camera system, a 5.9-inch 1080p display, and Android Nougat. Alongside Google’s latest OS, Huawei has also included latest version of its EMUI software skin, and it’s finally pretty good.
The Mate 9 will also be updated in the coming weeks to include Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant in place of the Pixel-locked Google Assistant. We’ll be revisiting the device soon, but in the meantime, you can read our full review here and buy the phone from Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo, Jet.com, or Newegg for $599 unlocked. It works on any GSM carrier including T-Mobile and AT&T.

OnePlus 3T

Announced toward the end of 2016, the OnePlus 3T is the “successor” to the OnePlus 3, although it’s really just a slight refresh. Compared to the OnePlus 3 the 3T brings the updated Snapdragon 821 chipset, a larger 3,400 mAh battery, a new color variant, and an updated 16MP front facing camera sensor.
Aside from that, the OnePlus 3T is the same as the OnePlus 3, bringing Dash Charge fast charging, a 5.5-inch 1080p Optic AMOLED display, 6GB of RAM, and USB-C — all wrapped up in that aluminum chassis. Starting at $439, it’s slightly more expensive than the OnePlus 3 was, but not without reason. The phone is available now from OnePlus’ website.

LG V20

If you want a big, feature-rich phone that doesn’t explode, the LG V20 might be your best bet. Packing a 5.7-inch Quad HD IPS display, Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 3,200 mAh removable battery, the V20 is a power user’s phone without question. That’s only emphasized with the dual-camera system on the back which can take standard and wide-angle pictures as well as bringing enhanced stabilization in video. Entertainment only gets better with the built-in 32-bit HiFi DAC which makes listening to music a joy.
The LG V20 is one of the best smartphones we’ve used this year, but the most surprising thing about it is the price. While a compared option from Samsung, Apple, or Google could cost you well upwards of $800, the V20 averages out at about $770. Pricing varies by carrier, landing at $672 on Verizon at its lowest point and $830 on AT&T and its highest. Monthly pricing across all major carriers lands at around $28 a month and the phone is available via Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Sprint. You can also pick it up unlocked.

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Samsung also launched a pair of impressive Android flagships earlier this year, and despite their age, they’re still some of the best options on the market today. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge offer Quad HD SuperAMOLED displays at 5.1-inches and 5.5-inches respectively. The larger Edge variant also brings dual-curved edges on either side.
Under the hood, both devices pack the Snapdragon 820 chipset in the US, and one from Samsung in international regions. The smaller Galaxy S7 packs a 3,000 mAh battery where the S7 Edge brings a 3,600 mAh battery. Both bring fast charging, wireless charging, and fast wireless charging along with the Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, IP68 water resistance, and fingerprint sensors. The 12MP camera on the rear is also nothing short of impressive and the glass/metal bodies scream premium.
Pricing varies depending on carrier and outlet, but you can get these phones from pretty much anywhere with prices floating between $500 and $700 depending on the model.

Moto Z/Moto Z Force

From Motorola/Lenovo, one, or rather two, of the best options you can pick up come in the form of the Moto Z and the Moto Z Force. Both devices pack 5.5-inch AMOLED displays, the Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and Motorola’s thin software layer on top of Android. The Moto Z brings a 2,600 mAh battery, 13MP camera, and comes in at just 5.2mm thin. The Moto Z Force, on the other hand, brings a 3,500 mAh battery, 21MP rear camera, and is 7mm thin. It also brings a “ShatterShield” display which won’t break. Unfortunately, that model is exclusive to Verizon Wireless.
Both devices run on top of Android Nougat, and lack headphone jacks. However, they do include USB-C adapters in the box. That port also includes Turbo Charging which promises up to 15 hours of power with a 15-minute charge. Both are also compatible with Google’s Daydream VR platform. The big story, though, is without a doubt the compatibility with Moto Mods, a method of expanding the phone’s capabilities with “modules” such as battery packs, speakers, and even a camera.
The Moto Z Force is available on Verizon Wireless as is the Moto Z, but the latter is also available unlocked through outlets like Amazon.

Sony Xperia XZ

One option we’ve been hesitant to recommend this year due to price is, well, basically anything Sony offers. While they are all fantastic devices, pricing was always extremely high. However, Sony has finally learned its lesson and adjusted prices to make its phones a much better value, and that includes the flagship Sony Xperia XZ.
Priced at $649 unlocked, the Xperia XZ offers a Snapdragon 820 chipset, 3GB of RAM, a 23MP camera, IP68 water/dust resistance, and a 5.2-inch 1080p display. It’s not the “top-of-the-line” compared to some other options, but with Android Nougat now available and a fantastic overall package, the Xperia XZ is easily the best Sony smartphone you can buy today. It’s available online through Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, and Fry’s.

HTC 10

Another great option from early this year comes from HTC. Despite the company not having great success over the past few years, the HTC 10 is a smartphone that just about anyone can love. Bringing an all-metal aluminum body, Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB of RAM, a fantastic 5.2-inch LCD display, 32GB of storage, and Android Marshmallow out of the box, it’s a smartphone that hits all the important notes. The 3,000 mAh battery will keep most users powered through a full day, the fingerprint sensor is quick and reliable, and the 24-bit DAC in the headphone jack is great for listening to music.
Pricing on the HTC 10 varies as well. Retail lands at $699, but we’ve seen it as low as about $500. Currently, HTC is offering the device for $499 brand new. Verizon also offers the phone in stores. You can learn more in our full review.

ZTE Axon 7

If you want a flagship experience, but at a slightly lower price point, the ZTE Axon 7 is an option worth considering. Starting at just $399, the Axon 7 packs a 5.5-inch AMOLED display, all-metal design, front facing speakers, and premium specifications including the top of the line Snapdragon 820 chipset. It also packs an insane 6GB of RAM and support for Google Daydream when Android Nougat arrives soon.
The ZTE Axon 7 is available for purchase from ZTE, Amazon, and many other retailers around the web for $399 unlocked for use on GSM carriers.

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Movies you can watch in 2017 - anticipated movies 2017

Officer K (Ryan Gosling), a new blade runner for the Los Angeles Police Department, unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos. His discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former blade runner who's been missing for 30 years.
Release date: October 6, 2017 (USA)
Caesar (Andy Serkis) and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless colonel (Woody Harrelson). After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both of their species and the future of the planet.
Armando Ianucci’s single film as director to date, In The Loop, remains one of the best British comedies of the last decade. For his second, he’s adapted – with David Schneider - Fabien Nury’s graphic novel The Death Of Stalin. It follows the days after Stalin’s death, and the jostling for power and battles that ensue. As the poster teases, “everybody wants a piece”.
Ianucci’s sharp eye for political satire needs little introduction – The Thick Of It and Veep speak for themselves – and his film will feature Olga Kurylenko, Rupert Friend, Andrea Riseborough, Hello To Jason Isaacs, Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Tambor, Michael Palin and Paddy Considine. That’s just a flavour of the cast list, and it can take pride of place already amongst 2017’s most impressive ensembles.
In the 28th century, special operatives Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) maintain order throughout the universe for the government of the human territories. Under orders from their commander (Clive Owen), the duo embark on a mission to Alpha, an intergalactic city where diverse species share their technology and resources for the betterment of all. The ever-expanding metropolis is also home to sinister forces that jeopardize the future of mankind.
Dunkirk is an upcoming 2017 British-French-American epic action thriller written, co-produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. Set in the Second World War, it concerns the Dunkirk evacuation. Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada, and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.
A less bold studio might have gone with a safe pair of hands when it comes to writing and directing Star Wars: Episode VIII, so it's refreshing to see a filmmaker like Rian Johnson handed the keys to the (former) Lucas-verse. At present, we know little of where the follow-up to The Force Awakens will go, other than it stars much of the previous film's cast, including Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Mark Hamill, while various interviews with those returning actors have hinted at a darker direction for the story.
In many respects, Johnson has a tough task ahead of him with Episode VIII; The Force Awakens relied heavily on resurrecting the icons from the original trilogy - Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon and so on - but its sequel arguably needs to move things forward if this new series of movies is going to develop its own distinctive voice. Here's hoping that Johnson's indie sensibility - see Brick, The Brothers Bloom, Looper - will add a touch of the unexpected to this firmly re-established space opera.
Talented getaway driver Baby (Ansel Elgort) relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. After meeting the woman (Lily James) of his dreams, he sees a chance to ditch his criminal lifestyle and make a clean break. Coerced into working for a mob boss (Kevin Spacey), Baby must face the music as a doomed heist threatens his life, love and freedom.
The gang returns for the eagerly-awaited follow-up to the delightful Paddington. The original movie was the highest grossing family movie to not be made in America, and for the follow-up, Paul King is directing again, having co-written the screenplay with Simon Farnaby (from the mighty Yonderland).
The cast is being led by returnees Ben Whishaw (as the voice of Paddington), Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Peter Capaldi and Julie Walters. New additions this time include Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson, the latter playing the beautifully named ‘Knuckles’ McGinty. The film is set for release on November 10th 2017, and it looks like being the family movie to beat thus far.
The incredible untold story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson - brilliant African-American women working at NASA, who served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit, a stunning achievement that restored the nation's confidence, turned around the Space Race, and galvanized the world. The visionary trio crossed all gender and race lines to inspire generations to dream big.
When an attack on the Kingsman headquarters takes place and a new villain rises, Eggsy and Merlin are forced to work together with the American agency Statesman to save the world.
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New NVIDIA Shield Android TV - How to stream iTunes movies to Nvidia Shield android TV

(Recourse form androidcentral )NVIDIA made a splash at CES 2017 when it unveiled a new version of its extremely popular Shield Android TV box. The new Shield Android TV has a similar design, identical internals, same price and similar value proposition as the original, and isn't even getting a distinctive name to separate it from the first model.

New external hardware

NVIDIA didn't see a need to overhaul the internal hardware of the Shield Android TV, and it's hard to blame it for doing so. The original box was more than powerful enough to handle high-end gaming and entertainment, and offered just about everything anyone was looking for. What has changed, though, is the external hardware.
Though the new Shield Android TV has the same basic shape and look it's roughly 40 percent smaller overall than the original, which is extremely impressive when you think about what's inside. It still has a wedge-like shape and geode scent pattern all around, accented by a green light that glows when it's powered on, and has an optional stand accessory that will place it upright if you'd like to put it more on display.
Around the back of the box you'll still find an Ethernet jack, HDMI out and two USB ports, but one of the room-saving removals is the SD card slot. That may hit a small group of people that liked the idea of using the slot for adoptable storage expansion, but know that you can still do the same with any USB drive if you wish.

Improved controller and remote

The included Shield controller has gone through a complete overhaul. You can immediately see a slimmer overall profile and once again a geodescent pattern all around that offers a unique grip — the joysticks also have more texture around the edges.
When it comes to non-gaming uses, the controller has ditched the somewhat-finicky capacitive navigation buttons for proper hard buttons for back/home/select. You'll still adjust volume using a capacitive touch pad between the sticks, and a single press of the green NVIDIA button at the top activates the microphone for voice commands. The controller charges over Micro-USB still, and NVIDIA claims 60 hours of battery life when playing games.
Though not everyone will want to play games regularly with the Shield controller, you'll want to keep it around as it's a bit of a trojan horse for the console. Thanks to its large battery and microphone, the controller is the conduit for the Shield Android TV to always listen for "OK Google" commands when Google Assistant hits the console in a couple of months. So long as the controller has a charge (a couple weeks with typical use), it'll stay connected to the Shield Android TV and be always listening for your input — it simply hands the data over to the box, which crunches the information and gives you responses.
The Shield Android TV now includes its remote alongside the controller in the box, which is much better than shelling out $50 for the TV-focused accessory. The new remote is similar in design, but is no longer rechargeable and has lost its headphone jack for private listening — on the upside, though, is a quoted year of battery life. Going a step further, both the controller and remote now have integrated IR blasters, meaning they can control other parts of your home entertain

What's new in Android Nougat for TVs

Much of the new software being shown off on the Shield Android TV isn't NVIDIA's doing but rather just what you get when you upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat. As we knew already, Nougat introduces features like picture-in-picture mode and an app switching interface, as well as little bits of polish around the interface. A new YouTube 360 app highlights many app improvements as well.
NVIDIA made a couple of changes as well, including removing the "NVIDIA" section of the home screen and tweaking the way the "Games" section is displayed. You'll now see local, Gamestream and GeForce Now games all in one place to launch all the same. Further, the new "NVIDIA Games" portal will let you shop for and manage games from all three sources. There's also a new Steam app that will launch you directly into its lean-back "Big Picture" experience so long as you're a Gamestream user with Steam set up.

How to Stream iTunes movies to NVIDIA Shield Android TV

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Golden Globe Awards 2017 - 2017 Golden Globes Winners Full List

goldenglobeawardsThe 74th Golden Globe Awards ceremony (also known as The Golden Globes) is an award event honoring the best in film and American television of 2016, and took place on January 8, 2017, at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, beginning at 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST. The ceremony was produced by Dick Clark Productions in association with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and was televised in the United States by NBC. --Source from Wikipedia.

Golden Globe Awards 2017 - 2017 Golden Globes Winners List

BEST MOTION PICTURE — DRAMAHacksaw RidgeHell or High WaterLionManchester by the Sea***WINNER: Moonlight
BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A MOTION PICTURE — DRAMAAmy Adams, ArrivalJessica Chastain, Miss Sloane***WINNER: Isabelle Huppert, ElleRuth Negga, LovingNatalie Portman, Jackie
***WINNER: Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea
Joel Edgerton, Loving
Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge
Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic
Denzel Washington, Fences
BEST MOTION PICTURE — MUSICAL OR COMEDY20th Century WomenDeadpoolFlorence Foster Jenkins***WINNER: La La LandSing Street
Annette Bening, 20th Century Women
Lily Collins, Rules Don’t Apply
Hailee Steinfeld, The Edge of Seventeen
***WINNER: Emma Stone, La La Land
Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins
Colin Farrell, The Lobster
***WINNER: Ryan Gosling, La La Land
Hugh Grant, Florence Foster Jenkins
Jonah Hill, War Dogs
Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool
Kubo and the Two Strings
My Life As a Zucchini
***WINNER: Zootopia
Divines — France
***WINNER: Elle — France
Neruda — Chile
The Salesman — Iran, France
Toni Erdmann — Germany
***WINNER: Viola Davis, Fences
Naomie Harris, Moonlight
Nicole Kidman, Lion
Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures
Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea
Mahershala Ali, Moonlight
Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water
Simon Helberg, Florence Foster Jenkins
Dev Patel, Lion
***WINNER: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nocturnal Animals
***WINNER: Damien Chazelle, La La Land
Tom Ford, Nocturnal AnimalsMel Gibson, Hacksaw RidgeBarry Jenkins, MoonlightKenneth Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea
La La LandNocturnal AnimalsMoonlightManchester by the SeaHell or High Water
***WINNER: La La Land
Hidden Figures
BEST ORIGINAL SONG — MOTION PICTURE“Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Trolls***WINNER: “City of Stars,” La La Land“Faith,” Sing“Gold,” Gold“How Far I’ll Go,” Moana
***WINNER: The Crown
Game of Thrones
Stranger Things
This Is Us
West world
Caitriona Balfe, Outlander
***WINNER: Claire Foy, The Crown
Keri Russell, The Americans
Winona Ryder, Stranger Things
Evan Rachel Wood, Westworld
Rami Malek, Mr. Robot
Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul
Matthew Rhys, The Americans
Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan
***WINNER: Billy Bob Thornton, Goliath
***WINNER: Atlanta
Mozart in the Jungle
Rachel Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
Sarah Jessica Parker, Divorce
Issa Rae, Insecure
Gina Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin
***WINNER: Tracee Ellis Ross, Blackish
Anthony Anderson, Blackish
Gael Garcia Bernal, Mozart in the Jungle
***WINNER: Donald Glover, Atlanta
Nick Nolte, Graves
Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent
American Crime
The Dresser
The Night Manager
The Night Of
***WINNER: The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story
Felicity Huffman, American Crime
Riley Keough, The Girlfriend Experience
***WINNER: Sarah Paulson, The People v. O.J.: American Crime Story
Charlotte Rampling, London Spy
Kerry Washington, Confirmation
Riz Ahmed, The Night Of
Bryan Cranston, All the Way
***WINNER: Tom Hiddleston, The Night Manager
Courtney B. Vance, The People v. O.J.: American Crime Story
John Turturro, The Night Of
***WINNER: Olivia Colman, The Night Manager
Lena Headey, Game of Thrones
Chrissy Metz, This Is Us
Mandy Moore, This Is Us
Thandie Newton, Westworld
Sterling K. Brown, The People v. O.J.: American Crime Story***WINNER: Hugh Laurie, The Night ManagerJohn Lithgow, The CrownChristian Slater, Mr. RobotJohn Travolta, The People v. O.J.: American Crime Story
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Kingston just introduced a record-breaking 2TB flash drive

Back in 2013, Kingston brought the first ever 1TB flash drive into the world. While its exorbitant price made it an unreasonable purchase for the average consumer, we were still impressed that it was even possible.
Three years later, despite the fact that no other storage device makers have attempted to even match Kingston on its 1TB flash drive, the company has decided to break its own record by unveiling both the 1TB and 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT flash drives ahead of CES 2017 on Tuesday.
According to Kingston, the two new flash drives offer USB 3.1 Gen 1 performance, which should theoretically allow transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps. The DataTraveler Ultimate GT drives are built with a zinc-alloy metal casing for shock resistance and feature a similar (but sleeker) design to the DataTraveler HyperX Predator 512GB and 1TB flash drives introduced in 2013.
With 2TB of data, you can store up to 70 hours of 4K video, 96 average-sized PC games, 500,000 MP3 files and 256,000 24-megapixel photos. In fact, Kingston has included a handy comparison chart within its press release, in case you want to see just how massive a 2TB flash drive really is.
Both the 1TB and 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT flash drives will be available in February, but Kingston has yet to announce a price point. We wouldn’t be surprised to see these sell for over $1,000, at the very least. The drives will be back by a five-year warranty Kingston will offer free technical support. Resource from BGR website.

How to Convert iTunes Movies to Kingston USB

As we all know, all the iTunes purchased videos including TV shows, movies and music videos are protected by Apple Fairplay DRM protection, which stop users playing them on non-Apple products, even you want to play iTunes videos on iPad, iPhone or Computer, you need to authorize them before you play.
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M4V Converter Plus for Mac

M4V Converter Plus for Windows
And click Add Movies button to import iTunes movies or TV Shows to the program. Then go to profile panel to choose a proper output format for USB. In general, we set MP4 as output format. Last, click Convert button to start the conversion.
After conversion, you can drag and drop the converted iTunes movies to your USB directly.


Best Movies 2016 - Top 10 2016 iTunes Movies

According to the resource from businessinsider, iTunes may have started out as a music store, but it's come to be a place where lots of people rent or buy movies, especially with the rise of smart TVs (and Apple TV).
Every year Apple looks at which movies were the most popular on its platform. In 2016, that spanned from the wisecracking superhero Deadpool to the insightful Wall Street outsiders of "The Big Short." Here are the top 10 iTunes movies in 2016.
Thirty years after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and his young allies face a new threat from the evil Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and the First Order.
By any measure a rousing, even restorative seventh chapter in the immortal space-opera saga established and now relinquished by George Lucas.
JJ Abrams banishes memories of George Lucas’s prequels with this outrageously exciting and romantic return to a world you hadn’t realized you’d missed so much.
Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary. His world comes crashing down when evil scientist Ajax (Ed Skrein) tortures, disfigures and transforms him into Deadpool. The rogue experiment leaves Deadpool with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor. With help from mutant allies Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), Deadpool uses his new skills to hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life.
From the largest elephant to the smallest shrew, the city of Zootopia is a mammal metropolis where various animals live and thrive. When Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) becomes the first rabbit to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to enforce the law. Determined to prove herself, Judy jumps at the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. Unfortunately, that means working with Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a wily fox who makes her job even harder.
When astronauts blast off from the planet Mars, they leave behind Mark Watney (Matt Damon), presumed dead after a fierce storm. With only a meager amount of supplies, the stranded visitor must utilize his wits and spirit to find a way to survive on the hostile planet. Meanwhile, back on Earth, members of NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring him home, while his crew mates hatch their own plan for a daring rescue mission.
Captain America: Civil War
Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America (Chris Evans) believes superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) sharply disagrees and supports oversight. As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) must pick a side.
A cryptic message from the past leads James Bond (Daniel Craig) to Mexico City and Rome, where he meets the beautiful widow (Monica Bellucci) of an infamous criminal. After infiltrating a secret meeting, 007 uncovers the existence of the sinister organization SPECTRE. Needing the help of the daughter of an old nemesis, he embarks on a mission to find her. As Bond ventures toward the heart of SPECTRE, he discovers a chilling connection between himself and the enemy (Christoph Waltz) he seeks.
While exploring the uncharted wilderness in 1823, frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) sustains life-threatening injuries from a brutal bear attack. When a member (Tom Hardy) of his hunting team kills his young son (Forrest Goodluck) and leaves him for dead, Glass must utilize his survival skills to find a way back to civilization. Grief-stricken and fueled by vengeance, the legendary fur trapper treks through the snowy terrain to track down the man who betrayed him.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2
With the nation of Panem in a full scale war, Katniss confronts President Snow in the final showdown. Teamed with a group of her closest friends - including Gale, Finnick, and Peeta - Katniss goes off on a mission with the unit from District 13 as they risk their lives to stage an assassination attempt on President Snow who has become increasingly obsessed with destroying her. The mortal traps, enemies, and moral choices that await Katniss will challenge her more than any arena she faced in The Hunger Games.
Finding Dory
Disney Pixar's "Finding Dory" welcomes back to the big screen everyone's favorite forgetful blue tang Dory, who's living happily in the reef with Marlin and Nemo. When Dory suddenly remembers that she has a family out there who may be looking for her, the trio takes off on a life-changing adventure across the ocean to California's prestigious Marine Life Institute, a rehabilitation center and aquarium.
In an effort to find her mom and dad, Dory enlists the help of three of the MLI's most intriguing residents: Hank, a cantankerous octopus who frequently gives employees the slip; Bailey, a beluga whale who is convinced his biological sonar skills are on the fritz; and Destiny, a nearsighted whale shark. Deftly navigating the complex inner workings of the MLI, Dory and her friends discover the magic within their flaws, friendships and family.
When four outsiders saw what the big banks, media and government refused to, the global collapse of the economy, they had an idea: The Big Short. Their bold investment leads them into the dark underbelly of modern banking where they must question everyone and everything.
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Play iTunes Purchased or Rented Movies on Non-Apple devices freely

Top 10 2016 bestseller movies you can purchase or rent from iTunes Store. And you can play the purchased or rented movies on your PC, Apple TV, iPhone and other Apple devices. If you want to play them on Android tablets, game consoles and other non-apple players, you can go to try M4V Converter Plus. It is one of the best software developer dedicated to providing iTunes DRM removal solutions to worldwide customers, which can help you to keep iTunes Rentals longer than limited time and play iTunes movies on Android phones, etc. 

How to Convert iTunes Movies to non-Apple devices

Step 1. Download. install and launch the program on your computer. To begin with, you can click Add Movies button to add the videos to the application. And you can also drag and drop the files to the main interface directly.
download-win    download-mac
Step 2. Set output format.
 Mac users select a suitable output format. You can set Same as source for mp4 as the output format from the Convert to profile list.
Windows users can select output format from Profile panel as you like. Here we can set Lossless MP4 by default.
Step 3. Start the iTunes movies to MP4 conversion. Few minutes later, you can find the converted files in the Converted Movies folder. Now you can play any iTunes movies on your Android tablets, Samsung Galaxy Series, HTC, Google Nexus, common video player like VLC and any other common mobile devices.